This is the first post on this, the most recent incantation of the blog. I have wanted to write more this past year. Somehow I’ve never felt like I had anything to write about. Since I’ve started to address that problem directly, I’m finding myself with more words to set down.

So here we are.

Inspired by…

I’ve drawn from a few sources of inspiration to fight inertia and start writing. One of them is Tom Macwright’s blog, which is a wonderfully inspiring example of what I hope to do here with my own voice and interests. His post on How to blog was both practical and helpful, as well as the direct inspiration for this first step I’ve taken. Thanks, Tom!

How to take smart notes book cover

The other inspiration was a book called How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens. I’ve nearly finished reading it and will publish a review on site in the coming weeks.

My big takeaway so far is to start the writing process bottom-up rather than top-down. That means starting with reading, note-taking, and making connections between your notes. Eventually, the material to write something interesting and insightful should appear more or less structured in these interlinked notes.

I’ve enjoyed working with smaller feedback cycles as each note is itself the only goal now. It’s sort of like TDD’ing my way through writing. I’m gaining motivation as I go, rather than losing it.

It’s early days, but so far it’s a more pleasant way to work than picking a topic, hunting for sources, and hoping for insight to strike. It remains to be seen if it helps to write more substantive material.

Coming soon…

What exactly am I working on writing for this blog? I don’t have any plans. I imagine I’ll write about tech and programming, about philosophy and history, even sharing art projects I do with my kids. Anything that I feel motivated and interested in exploring or sharing, in other words. No topics are off-limits!